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Big Lolita Sale! !update 27/07/2012!

Hi girls!
I am leaving Lolita for many reasons and I want to sell my whole lolita wardrobe.
My sale consists of Brand and Off-brand items, you will find Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars shine bright, Metamorphose and Bodyline.
- I ship from Luxembourg (Europe)
- accept worldwide orders
- PayPal and International Bank Transfer only
- No trades
- prices can be negociated

New prices up!

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Johnnys Sale!

I'm currently selling:

TegoMassu - Misou soup RE [SOLD]
TegoMassu - Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ RE [SOLD]
TegoMassu - AiAiGasa LE [SOLD]
NewS - Kibou ~Yell~ LE
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ultra Music Power (jp. vers.)
Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams Come True LE [SOLD]
Hey! Say! JUMP - Mayonaka no Shadow Boy LE [SOLD]

Hey! Say! JUMP Debut & First Concert Ikinari! in Tokyo Dome

Hey! Say! JUMP BEST - Complete Otakara Photo Book

The CD's and the DVD are all jp. versions (the DVD is region code 2)
I'm shipping from Luxembourg, Europe.
I accept International Bank Transfer and PayPal only.

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O-sashiburi ne :Dv
I´m not in the mood to write too much so...

-got my arashi ticket yesterday x3
-kat-tun´s concert is in Osaka! DX some people made mistakes at ticket.co.jp ;O;
-summary is still too expensive
-trying to get a ticket for jack in the box

-was in odaiba :3
-saw vs arashi parc but didn´t went in
-were in the new Aquarium in Shinagawa, it sucks...
-there was a taifun in japan

and today I´m going to Asakusa :)

oh and for my german friend: the october edition of the kera magazine is already out! X_x

V i V i D

So there didn´t happened a lot these few days. I had migraine again, was feeling bad and was in a bad mood. But I went yesterday to the V i V i D concert :3 After that my mood was much better then before and I was happy.

You know, I had the day before yesterday the mood "why-don´t-I-live-in-tokyo-and-why-am-I-alone?" ... I felt bad in every way. Whil walking through the streets here in Tokyo I see the japanese people how they live here, how they are completly different to the people in Luxembourg. I really hate luxemburgish people... how they act, how they are, they have no manners at all and they think they are the best and the middle of the world. That really pisses me off. Japanese people are so different. I know that they also have their bad sites but still... they are in good ways different. The way of living in Tokyo, I really like it. Well I prefer to have a dog or a cat or both xD" Because I feel really lonely here ._. But yeah... and of course when I see couples here I´m like ;_; I want one too... xD" But yeah okay... so that´s how my mood was the last 3 days. But it switched yesterday.

I went to Harajuku yesterday because the concert hall was near the Yoyogi stadium. The concert was in the Shibuya-AX. So yeah I went earlier to check the Summary tickets in the ticket shop (but they were too expensive) and then I went to Bodyline to buy some white Lolita shoes. I really needed some. And because they would look cute with my outfit I was wearing them after I bought them xD So I went to the concert hall at around half past 4 I think. Because I first had to find it. It was really easy to find it and the merchandise was already on sale. So I bought some merch, t-shirt, 2 pouches, uchiwa and a pen light! :D and yeah after that I sat down and watched the people passing by. And then suddenly I was asked by a girl if she could make a picture of me, because they really like my outfit. So I agreed and I think that those were the photographers from kera and goth loli bible... you know those who make the street snaps? XD so yeah... I hade to pose for them... and wrote all my infos down. My name, where I´m from, my current occupation, my uhm fashion point xD" and a little message. For the message I just wrote "greatings from Luxembourg (^w^)v" xD" but yeah... after that the japanese people around me were much nicer then before lol and the foreigners were looking at me with a look ... uhm the killing look? xD" scary... and most of them were french, who wonders?, and they were sooooo ugly X____x but yeah... I went in and had quite a good place, In the back but still I saw really good. If I let my shoes on lol

So how I expected V i V i D are a really good live band. And of course the concert in Tokyo was much better then the one in Paris. I don´t mean their music but the atmosphere and how they acted. They were normal, because they were at home. In Paris, I think, they felt strange because it was their first concert in Europe. In Paris I said to my friend that I think they are really good live and I would go to a concert in Tokyo if they have one. And so did I and I was right. They are awesome! :3 They played all of their songs, I think. Of course they played precious :3 and take off. omg that song rocks! XD And now I know how to do the para paras :3 In Paris I had problems with doing them but now I learned tghem quite fast and it´s so fun doing them. Especially when everyone around you does them too xD" In Europe I´m most of the time had been looked on strange by the other people because they don´t know parapara. Idiots. But yeah yesterday it was different :3

I left the concert earlier because I didn´t wanted to be in a full train xD" but yeah... I really enjoyed the concert and it changed my mood completely. Today I was in Ueno. Walking through the parc and going to a museum because the zoo was closed today. But it was really interesting. There was a special exhibition about mammals living in the sea :3 After that I saw a cat family who´s living in the park. The kittens came to me. They were so cute :3 I took some pictures but because of the bad weather they didn´t came out really good :/ but however I´m happy again. I was in a park with a lot of green around me and with some cats. I really miss my cat and my little dog ._. I feel lonely without an animal around me... But I can´t change it here. I´m happy when I can hug my pets again :3

okay I wrote a lot today xD" I will stop now ;Dv
baibaii <3

Tegomassu concert 7/31 @ Yoyogi

So I was on the Tegomassu concert on the 31st of July in Yoyogi Stadium :D It was really hot that day, I felt like dying x____X I went around 4pm to buy some merchandise and there was nearly noone standing there to buy some! :O not like last year with arashi where I had to wait for 4 hours xD" So yeah I bought some merchandise :3 I bought a towel, a Tegoshi uchiwa, a pen light of course ;D and an eco bag to carry all those things :) The other merchandise was mh kind of too cute for my taste xD"

Because I was nearly dying because of the heat I went looking in some shops near the Harajuku station until around half past 5. When I went back to the Yoyogi the people from the 2pm show where coming out and going to the station. And Because of that the doors opened only at around 6pm. Normally they should have opened at around half past 5 but yeah... Well I got in and searched my seat. Really confusing because there were two A blocks x-x I had to ask some people to know where my seat was. But I found it and I was really happy! I had such a good seat and I paid only 5000yen! X3 I was sitting on the 1st floor in block A. I could see everything really good.

So the concert finally started :3 They came out in the middle of the hall and the fans were so shocked in the arena xD and screaming like hell lol Well the started to sing and I was like "whoooaaa my first johnnys concert! *O*" XDDD They played I think every song the released as Tegomassu duo :3 The whole concert was really cute. Tegoshi tried to kiss Massu xD and once Tegoshi was lying on the floor and everybody was like kyaa kyaaate xD But after that Massu went to play the piano and Tegoshi began to sing <3 sooo pretty. I so love his voice x3 They began the MC after about one hour and talked about a lot. They talked about the other news members. Like about Shige and about some things which happened on concerts. Really funny x) and they talked about arashi too x3 Massu sang "tomagoi nagara itsu ma demo" and the whole yoyogi was screaming xD "Arashi ja nai!" massu said and everybody laughed xD They are so cute and funny x3
After the MC they showed us a dance we had to do and Massu was in his baka mood again xDDD But yeah the song started (sorry I don´t remember the name ._.) and we danced along with tegomassu :3 after that they came near us and I was like "okay Tegoshi has to see you no matter what!!" and yes he did saw me! XD He was waving even harder and smiling so big when he saw me with his uchiwa xD I think he was really happy that there was a foreigner again :3 I nearly catched one of Massu´s signed autograph balls but yeah... 3 meters before me someone catched it ._. Oh well x) I am happy that I was at the concert. xD

I left the concert when they had played the encore and thanked everyone because I didn´t wanted to get into a train full of people and not being able to breath normally. After the concert I felt so good and was so happy. I didn´t thought that I wouold have that feeling after a tegomassu concert but I had. I wonder how it will be when I was on a arashi or a kat-tun concert xD but when I think about it ... Arashi´s concert will be in Kokuritsu x____X I will die because of the heat! Or I will get sick because of the rain ;O; XD" Oh well... at least kat-tun´s concert is in tokyo dome xD I hope I will get a cheap ticket for it and for a good seat :3 and for arashi... uhm yeah xD"

need to tell

First I need to tell you all that Im really sorry that I dont update my lj more often. But theres this one big problem. Here in the guesthouse is a chinese guy who is always sitting on the pc. Like when I get up in the morning he´s sitting on it, when I go out hes sitting on it, when I come back he´s sitting on it. When I go to bed hes sitting on it. it really sucks but yeah I can´t do something against him ._. So I will update my lj not everyday. I could via my iPhone but that app sucks xD"

So atm he´s out on a date or something and that´s why I can use the PC now. Thanks god finally! X_X finally I can update my lj and check news and the prices for arashi and kat-tun tickets. Because I decided to go to kat-tun concert too. I really want to see them. And who knows maybe I wont get that chance anymore. So yeah I will pay a lot for johnnys concerts this year X___x but... some of my dreams will be fullfilled ;_; so I wont spent too much money from now on. I went 3 day shopping in harajuku, shibuya and shinjuku and I bought a lot of things. A lot of gyaru clothes and one lolita outfit. I fell in love with Liz Lisa :3 their clothes are so cute! And the sale is still going on so it was cheaper! :Dv otherwise I think I wouldn´t have bought so much from Liz Lisa ._.

Uhm yeah as I wrote before I went shopping the last 3 days. Oh and I still have to write the tegomassu concert review! :O I will do that after this post ;) On that day Berna went with me to Harajuku and we made some puris :D and yesterday I made some with Ewa too :3 really you can get addicted of doing puris xD they are so cute! :3 But I don´t know where to glue them xD" rofl however x) I like them and I will do some more I think :D maybe with my dear german friend who whill come to tokyo soon? ;D I can´t wait to see you! :3

ok I´ll stop this now and will write the tegomassu concert review x) sorry for no pictures in my posts ._. but yeah... if I post pictures it´s mostly on my blogger and I don´t really post much pictures there too so yeah... sorry ._.

so wait for my concert review :D

the GazettE concert

yep yesterday was the day :D I went to gazette´s concert in hachioji. Well beside that it´s too hot here in tokyo and that I feel like dying when I walk only 10 minutes it was a good day x) we got our tickets at around 6pm and we went directly in after that. We were really scared when we saw the tickets and ther was written 2nd floor x.x we were already pissed before we saw our seats xD" but why? there was absolutely no need to x) we had, I think that, some of the best seats. We were sitting on the balcony (was only one) right in the front so we could see really good and there was nobody in front of us. I was sitting right in front of ruki :Dv I could see every band member really good. And of course I really enjoyed the concert. That means that I was headbanging, doing the furi, jumping and singing. They played some old songs and some new ones, like they do it on every concert. They also played ruder :3 and when that song started I was really really scared! Why? Because the fans were jumping from left to the right and back and the whole balcony was shaking. Like there was an earthquake... We were so scared that it would break, but then I remembered that the japanese build earthquake safe xDDD But I stopped jumping after that. It was really really scary the shaking of the balcony. I didn´t stop with the headbanging xD and that´s why my neck hurts really bad now ._.

well I don´t have much to say about the concert, because it was gazette and they were awesome like everytime. The merchandise was really expensive ;_; I just bought a shirt and a towel.

so uhm I was on the tegomassu concert today but I will write about it some other time, because I´m really tired right now and I will go to bed. Maybe I will have time to write about it tomorrow. So I´m off now :)