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x Sсяεам оf plεаsuяE x


about sutewi

I'm a girl at the age of twenty one from Luxembourg in Europe. I spent my time with watching dramas and Arashi shows, drawing and making graphics like icons, headers and wallpapers. Because I so love art, I'm in an art section in school. My favorite actor is Miura Haruma. I love Visual-Kei, it's an addiction of me. I write mostly about the things I like, jyannis and so on, and random private stuff.

I'm a huge Arashi fan, my favorite member is Ninomiya Kazunari-kun. Of course, I'm collecting their CD's and some other things, like Nino uchiwas or other concert merchandise. Arashi isn't the only jyannis group I'm listening to. I'm also a fan of NewS, especially of Yamashita Tomohisa, and I like KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP too.

I also listen to J-Pop, mostly music from Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Perfume and Utada Hikaru, and to J-Rock, bands like Girugämesh, the GazettE, An Cafe or Plastic Tree. There are also some korean bands I really like, BigBang, SHINee, Super Junior and F.T Island. I know I listen to really different kinds of music.

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